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Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.

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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2010|03:05 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
blah, posting an entry to avoid deletion.
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Maybe... [Apr. 3rd, 2007|03:38 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[Current Location |Home with Logan]
[mood |hopeful]
[music |Nelly Furtado - Try]

Logan asked me to move in with him again, and this time I kinda agreed... On a trial basis. I'm still not entirely sure it's a good idea, given the givens, but he was just so sweet and earnest and... How the hell am I supposed to resist when he looks at me that way?

As soon as I said yes he pretty much dragged me out the door to get the rest of my stuff from OC and Jondy's place... Guess he didn't wanna give me any time to change my mind. It's kinda strange how quickly I got used to the idea of the apartment not being my home anymore... I know I'll always be welcome there, but now my place is... Here, with Logan. If this trial run doesn't work out... I don't even wanna think about it. There's always TC, I guess...

Something happened the other night which made me think it was maybe a mistake to move in here, though... I was takin' a bath and I forgot to lock the door and Logan accidentally walked in on me... I shoulda just told him to go, but I kinda teased flirted with him, instead... He was just there and looking at me like that and I couldn't resist... I shoulda tried harder to resist, though, for both our sakes. When we talked about it afterwards, Logan was good about it, even though he musta been just about as frustrated as I was... I even offered to move out, back to TC, but he said he didn't want me to do that, that he was just glad to know that I want him as much as he wants me... Like he'd only just gotten the memo, or something.

What's up with that, anyway? Exactly how many times does a girl practically gotta throw herself at a guy before he gets the message?
I know I've kept my distance from Logan since the virus thing, but what am I supposed to do? I don't wanna kill him... I just don't know how I'm supposed to show him how much I want him, when I can't show him...
Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I really am a female fogbank...

But we talked about it, and I set him straight, or at least I think I did, then he pulled me to him, carefully, and just held me. It's the most contact we've had in months. The gloves are great, but this was even better, somehow. Truth is, I've never been held like that before, not by anyone, not even Logan... We've hugged and kissed and danced and held eachother when one or the other of us has been sick, but we've never just curled up together and snuggled before. It was nice. Really nice... It made me feel all warm and safe and I dunno, loved, I guess. Like maybe everything's gonna turn out okay, afteralll...
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Max's Journal - 3:17am, Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 [Mar. 7th, 2007|03:28 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[Tags|, ]
[mood |pensive]
[music |Lauren Hill & D'Angelo - Nothing Even Matters]

I usually go up to the Space Needle to think, clear my head, put things in perspective... But I can't do that right now. Every time I go out, I take the risk of being seen and recognised, and that can't happen, not when I'm supposed to be holed up inside Terminal City. So, I've decided to give this journalling thing a go. I just hope no one finds it. I think I can trust Logan not to read it, though, even if he did find it, so I'll probably hide it somewhere here at Sandeman's.

Anyway, things are kinda insane right now, and I've got about a hundred things I oughta be doing instead of sitting here watching Logan sleep, but I need a breather, and Logan said I could stay here. Looks like the spare room is mine to use, whenever I can get away from my duties at Terminal City, anyhow.

Logan figured out the truth, that I'm not with Alec. Not that I can see why he woulda thought that to begin with anyway. I mean, c'mon, it's Alec, for cryin' out loud... Just no. Whatever, I'm just glad I don't have to pretend anymore - not that we made a very convincing couple anyway, apparently. Gee, I wonder why.

Anyway, Logan and I talked, and we've got an understanding now. I won't keep my distance from him and he'll be more careful around me. That's just how it's gotta be between us. It's way past time I stepped to the real about me and Logan, and that means not denying how I feel about him anymore, even if we can never... No. I'm gonna take a page out of Logan's book here, and try to be optimistic. We will beat this thing, we will be together. We have to, because he's it for me. I love him. There, I said it. I love Logan. Always.

I've missed him so much... I still do. But since we figured out this whole gloves thing, it's been a little easier to bear. I may not be able to hold him and kiss him like I wanna, but at least we can touch now, even if it is through a couple of layers.
That's something, at least, something we didn't have before. We've still gotta be careful, maybe even more, now. But it's worth it. I don't feel like it's quite so hopeless anymore. So we'll be careful, and we'll keep looking for a way to cure this whole virus bitch... It's not like either of us stopped looking anyway, even when I told him things were over between us.

I oughta get a catnap while I have the opportunity, 'cause I'm running on empty and then some. I haven't had a chance to just stop for days, and I've got a meeting with Clemente tomorrow, well, today really, so I gotta be on my game. I'm thinkin' of taking Joshua along. I know I can trust Clemente not to freak out, but it's easy dealing with just me. I look normal. I want him and his people to know that I'm fighting for the transhumans too. I want him and his to know that transhumans people too. I don't think there's anyone better for that job than Joshua.

And I've got that Eyes Only gig tomorrow night, which looks like it'll help out my peeps in Terminal City just as much as it'll protect our "cultural heritage" or whatever... Logan said something about getting Asha in on it. Maybe Jondy and Lex can help out, too. Guess I'll give 'em a call.

Speakin' of Jondy, she's moving into my crib with O.C. for a while. Don't know for how long, but I feel a lot better knowing that my sister and my homegirl have got eachothers backs. It does mean I gotta go clear out some of my stuff to make room for Jondy's, though. Guess I'll bring it here, put it in the spare room.

I'm still not sure about moving in here with Logan, I'm kinda scared that it'll lead to carelessness, and the virus kickin' in, and.. Well, lets just say I'll be keepin' my toothbush way seperate from his. If I do decide to take him up on his offer, that is...

Anyway, gonna wrap this thing up. Til next, time I guess.
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Muse Channel - 29/11/06 - Silence is a text easy to misread. [Jan. 12th, 2007|02:57 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |resolved]
[music |Goapele - Catch 22]

I never told Logan that I slept with Alec. I just didn't deny it - I told him I couldn't deny it, and he came to his own conclusions. It wasn't one of Logan's finer moments - me hittin' it with Alec of all people? That's just stupid - c'mon, it's Alec we're talkin' about here. As if.

Anyway, at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. What you gotta understand is that we'd just had a brush with the virus that Manticore tricked up inside of me. Again. A single touch is all it takes. What was I supposed to do, keep risking his life? It was too hard, being around him, without being able to touch him, always keepin' my distance, to make sure I couldn't accidentally brush up against him... and I don't even wanna think about what might happen if I went into heat around him.

So I told him I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't see him, be near him. So when he asked me to deny that I'd been with Alec, I gave him silence, knowing that he'd misread it. I thought it would be better if he didn't wanna see me. Breaking his heart was the hardest thing I've ever had to do... Being away from him, I feel like a part of me is missing. But I'll live with this emptiness forever if I've gotta, if it means Logan is safe.

Fandom: Dark Angel
Muse: Max Guevara / X5-452
Prompt: Silence is a text easy to misread.
Words: 243
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Muse Channel - 22/11/06 - Is giving up ever acceptable? [Nov. 29th, 2006|07:33 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |melancholy]
[music |Brooke Fraser - Scarlet]

I guess that all depends on what you’re contemplating givin’ up and why… If it’s a bad habit like smoking or drinking too much, sure, without a second thought. Other things are tougher.

A couple of years ago I mighta said that there was nothin’ in this world that could possibly be worth giving up freedom and going back to Manticore for.

That was before I saw Tinga with Case. As much as it tore me apart to watch Tinga surrender herself to those assholes, I understand why she had to. They were killing her child, and the only way she could save him was to give herself up. Zack was so angry with her for surrendering. He just didn’t understand why she did it, but I do, because I know that if I were in her shoes, I woulda done exactly the same thing.

When you truly love someone, you gotta be willing to lay it all on the line for them; your heart, your freedom, even your life.

Fandom: Dark Angel
Muse: Max Guevara / X5-452
Prompt: Is giving up ever acceptable?
Words: 170
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Muse Channel - 15/11/06 - Troubled Waters [Nov. 20th, 2006|03:43 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |aggravated]
[music |Goapele - Childhood Drama]

Max glanced back over her shoulder as she crested the rise of the hill. She realised with a sick pang that they'd lost someone, somewhere in their flight through the forest. She put it aside for the moment, she didn't have time to worry about him, she still had eight young Manticore refugees depending on her to get them to safety, and she wasn't going to let them down, not if she could help it. Instead, she focused on the objective, which at the moment was to get out through the rapidly tightening military dragnet.

Overwhelmingly outnumbered and out gunned, even the supercharged x-series soldiers had little hope of fighting their way out of this situation, so flight had become their only option. She could hear the search teams converging on them from three directions, and she hurtled down the hillside, desperate to outrun them.

Her gut was telling her that something wasn't right about this whole scenario - apart from the fact that a platoon of soldiers was looking to gun down a handful of children - kinda like they were being herded, Max contemplated as she led her charges scrambling up the next incline, then came to an abrupt halt at the top. Her heart lodging itself in her throat as she surveyed what lay ahead.

Their passage to freedom was blocked by the raging white waters of a wide river. Diving in there would be suicidal. She glanced around wildly, looking for another escape route, but found nothing. A fleeting scan revealed that their pursuers had fanned out behind them and were rapidly closing the distance. They'd be within shooting range soon.

"We're trapped!" the oldest of her charges - a boy of fourteen - gasped out grimly, having surveyed the situation and come to the same conclusion.

They were out of time. They'd just have to risk it.

"C'mon!" Max scooped up the smallest child, who bore an unnerving resemblance to a six year old Tinga, and grabbed the shoulder of another, half steering, half dragging him as she careened down the slope to toward the riverbank. Reaching the bottom, she thrust mini-Tinga into the arms of one of the older boys, "Take her."

She dropped her backpack and started rummaging through it, thankful that she'd been on a job when Logan called to tell her what he'd heard on the scanner. Who said crime didn't pay? Her fingers brushed against familiar cool metal and she grasped it, pulling out a launching gun, preloaded with a folding steel grapnel and 30 meters of slender Kevlar rope. She tossed the end of the rope to a red haired eleven year-old, "Tie this off."

"Ready, Ma'am." The girl told her a moment later, glancing apprehensively in the direction they'd come from.

"Just Max,’" She aimed at a sturdy looking tree on the far bank, and pulled the trigger, the three prongs of the grapnel releasing as the rope reached its full extension, and catching in the fork between the trunk and a low branch. She gave the rope a swift hard tug to make sure it was secure then nodded. "That oughta do it, better get movin’."

The children began crossing, three at a time so as not to put too much strain on the rope. The last two children were still in the process of crossing when the first of their pursuers appeared at the top of the ridge and started descending. Reaching the bottom, he raised his weapon and began to take aim at the children.

“I don’t think so!” Max snarled as she emerged from behind a nearby tree and aimed a roundhouse kick at his wrist, knocking the weapon off aim and sending a shower of bullets spraying wildly off target. She ducked in, grabbing the barrel of the M&P rifle and attempted to snatch it from his grasp, but he was determined to hang on. She managed to wrestle the weapon around so its barrel was pressed against his windpipe, and backed him up against a tree.

One of his allies arrived on scene and slammed the butt of his rifle into the base of her skull. She grunted, blinking back the white hot stars of pain which danced before her eyes, and rounded on him, leaving his companion to slump to the ground. She blocked his second blow with her forearm, and drove the stock of the rifle up under his jaw, his head snapping backwards with a sickening crack. She didn’t need to take his pulse to know he wouldn’t be waking up.

Grabbing hold of the his body, she spun around and thrust his dead weight toward a third man, gritting out, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size!” while simultaneously kicking a fourth man in the gut, then slammed the rifle butt against his skull, taking him out of the game. She cast the rifle into the river. The third man was up again, having extricated himself, and was raising his sidearm. Max ducked in, grabbed the gun and head-butted him in the gut, then sprung upwards, propelling him into the air and flipped him over her back, breaking his arm in the process.

“Just take your toys,” She threw the pistol, clocking an approaching fifth man on the head and sending him down for the count, and kicked the first guy in the face, “And go home.”

It was time to cut and run. She grabbed hold of the rope and leapt into the fast flowing river. The water was ice-cold and she gasped as it enveloped her. Even with superhuman strength it was difficult to keep her grip on the rope and drag herself along it, with the treacherous current threatening to carry her away. There was a sudden weight on the rope, which dragged her under, and when she resurfaced she saw that the first guy was following her into the river, clearly intent on pursuit.

Some guys just don’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer. Holding on tight to the rope with one hand, she slid her hand to her belt and unsheathed her Leatherman, flicking out the serrated blade with her thumb, then began to saw through the tough rope.

“You really needa learn to let go!” The last strand yielded beneath the sharp blade and the river dragged Max away, smashing her body against rocks and tugging her under, the wicked current trying to break her grip on the violently whipping rope. Suddenly there was tension on the line, and moments later, hands reached in, grasping her and hauling her onto the bank. She looked up into the faces of her young rescuers gratefully, “Thanks.”

Mini-Tinga held out a hand to Max, dark eyes solemn, “We need to go now.”

“Yeah. Let’s blaze,” Max took the small child’s hand and ran into the forest, ducking and weaving to avoid the spray of bullets fired at them from across the river.

Character: Max Guevara / X5-452
Fandom: Dark Angel
Prompt: Troubled Waters
Wordcount: 2,161
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Riding the needle [Sep. 4th, 2006|02:02 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |melancholy]
[music |Goapele - Catch 22]

Stepping out onto the saucer of the Space Needle, Max drew in a deep breath of air which was damp with the promise of rain, and gazed out over the glittering array of distant lights which illuminated the Seattle skyline. This was where she came to be alone, to put some distance between herself and the world, to find perspective when she felt overwhelmed by everything life threw at her.

Her side throbbed and she absently rubbed at the scar as she sat down. The bullet wound was healing and would soon be nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

At least it got Logan talkin' to you again, she reminded herself wryly, Can always count on him to swoop in and save the day when a girls gone and got herself shot up.

And he had saved the day, she had no doubt that White would've finished her off if not for Logan's intervention, but though they were back in contact, things were still awkward between them, a fact which hurt more than the bullet wound she'd suffered.

He was disappointed that they'd missed their chance to be together - she got that, she was disappointed too - but what was she supposed to have done? Let that Gossamer go on terrorising people? It was her responsibility to take care of situations caused by the creatures she'd freed from Manticore. Logan should know that better than anyone - He was the one who had awakened her sense of responsibility, afterall. But since the incident, he'd been distant, and she couldn't really blame him for giving up on her, on them. Maybe under the circumstances, that was the only thing to do, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

OC insisted that everything would work out okay in the end, but Max wasn't so sure.
The kiss Logan had stolen had tasted of regret, and the declaration of love he'd uttered had sounded like 'Goodbye.' He hadn't even waited for a response before he walked away.

Hot tears spilled over and cooled as they trailed down her cheeks. Max didn't know what to do, or how to fix it. Without the the ability to touch him, without that essential connection, she wasn't sure that she could. She only knew that she had to try, because Logan was everything to her.

Dashing away tears with the back of her hand, Max stood. It was time to pay Logan a visit.
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On a Mission [Aug. 11th, 2006|06:40 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |satisfied]
[music |Mystic - The Life]

Logan had called Max and asked her if she could come over, and she obliged him when she got off work. After letting herself into his apartment, she knocked lightly on his office door, standing casually in the doorway.

"Hey," she smiled slightly, studying Logan as he dilligently worked on something on his PC, obviously intent on his work. She longed to trail a fingertip over the crease that appeared between his eyebrows as he stared in concentration at his screen, kiss the lower lip that he was biting on thoughtfully, "'Sup?"

"Hey yourself," Logan greeted her with a smile of his own as he turned to face her, "I've been looking into corrupt cops in one of the sectors - one in particular," He filled her in briefly, "And I need his personnel file."

"A computer system that the great Eyes Only can't crack?" Max's eyebrow arched. She ventured further into the office, "Or are you after a hardcopy in some dusty old filing cabinet somewhere?"

Logan smirked, "Hardcopy in a dusty filing cabinet sounds about right."

"Hmm," Max grinned wryly, propping her hip against the side of Logan's workstation, "You have any idea where a girl might come across a dusty filing cabinet which just happens to contain that kinda thing?"

Logan rolled out from under his desk, pulled open a drawer and reached in for a folder.
"Directions, layout of the station and clear instructions of how to get to where you need to go." He offered Max the folder.

She took the folder, careful not to brush against Logan, and flicked through the folders contents, quickly scanning the documents contained within, "Sector 21, South-West precinct... Haven't been in that one before..." Max smirked slightly, "Shouldn't be a problem though, you've seen one copshop, you seen 'em all, right?"

Max dropped the folder lightly back on the table, having absorbed the relevant details, and Logan moved a hand to collect the folder and put it away. You never knew who could drop in, glance at papers left lying around and find out things they weren't supposed to know.

"Just a matter of gettin' in then. Don't suppose you just happen to have a cops uniform in my size, lyin' around here somewhere?" She quipped with a smirk.

Logan just eyed the grin and resisted the urge to laugh, settling on a lazy smile, "My bedroom."
He was indeed a man prepared for anything.

"Kinky." Max commented, arching an eyebrow and smirking.

"I know someone who knows someone," Logan answered cryptically before simply shrugging his shoulders and giving a smile.

"'K, so just let me go slip into something a bit more... Uniform." she chuckled as she crossed the room, walking out of the office and heading into Logan's bedroom.

Logan rolled his chair back, tipped his head and allowed himself a moment to admire the view before yanking his attention back to work. Made everything a little easier to bear.
"Don't mind the mess," He called after her, even though his room wasn't particularly messy - just a few wayward clothes here and there.

Max found the uniform hanging in the closet and changed into it, glancing around Logan's bedroom curiously. She noticed up a book of the bedside table, picked it up and flicked through it then put it down again. She eyed the dresser curiously, then shook her head and chuckled at her own nosyness. Fixing her hair into a neat french braid, she folded her clothes and set them at the foot of the bed, then opened the bedroom door, and headed back to Logan's office.
Stepping inside, she put on the uniform cap, and asked, "Whaddaya think, could I be one of Seattle's finest?"

Logan had buried himself back in another case, this one rife with corruption just like always, but turned his head as Max reappeared. The pen in his mouth just sort of hung there as his eyes swept her form. There was an audible noise in the back of his throat as he cleared it and nodded his head. "Definitely."

Max grinned, a very slight flush showing in her olive complected cheeks. "Better get to work then."

"Good idea," Logan muttered as he pulled his eyes away and made them focus on the screen in front of him. "You head on down to the car - I'll save this and be right with you."


Breaking out Break and other adventuresCollapse )

Pre-played with the talented freedom_press and abw_vintage
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Changes [Jun. 9th, 2006|02:10 am]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
This journal is undergoing a process of transformation and as such, I've unfriended everyone from FT from it.
If you wish to remain in contact with me, I can still be reached with AIM, username felinegenetix, or by email: felinegenetix at gmail dot com
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DA RP Character List (locked to DA peeps for the moment) [May. 13th, 2006|02:39 pm]
Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
[mood |contemplative]

The taken characters have an asterisk (*) before their names.

* Alec - (X5R-331845739494) Was successfully reconditioned & certified for field deployment, was deployed in the field for an undercover mission, during which he fell in love with the daughter of his target, he tried to abort the mission at the last minute, but it was too late. Had to undergo reconditioning again, due to resultant emotional and psychological damage. Was assigned as X5-452's breeding partner (but didn't get anywhere with her) and ordered to gain her trust and help her escape, so that she could infect Eyes Only with a deadly retrovirus. It was this incident that triggered Max to destroy Manticore. When this occured Alec went AWOL, helped Max save some of the transgenics who were being hunted down, and later showed up in Seattle, where he has made it his business to be a thorn in Max's side ever since.

* Ames White - When White first appears at the start of season 2, it is in the role of an NSA agent assigned the mission of tracking down and 'containing' the escaped transgenic soldiers. Iit very quickly becomes clear, however, that his job with the NSA is merely a cover for the work he does for a far more clandestine organisation, an ancient cult with a sinister agenda.

* Asha Barlowe - Asha appears for the first time in the pilot episode of season 2. She's Logan's main contact with the S1W - a direct action activist group which is often mislabeled a terrorist organisation, which is allied with Eyes Only. It very quickly becomes clear that she has a thing for Logan... This, along with the fact that destruction of Manticore was pinned on the S1W, makes for a strained relationship with Max. Tension aside, Asha can be counted on to help out when the chips are down.

Bling - Logan's PhysioTherapist / Personal Trainer / Carer

Break - A man who tried to help Max get out of prison early on in season 1, and then helped OC get a dose of tryptophan to her. He ran a Vintage clothes boutique, and asked OC to pose in his window.

Brin - (X5-331280315734)

Bugler (X8-621) - One of the escaped kids from the episode "Bag 'Em" - Logan and Max sent him along with the other kids in the party to Canada at the end of the episode, but they can show up again.

Bullet (X6-787) - One of the escaped kids from the episode "Bag 'Em" - Logan and Max sent him along with the other kids in the party to Canada at the end of the episode, but they can show up again.

Devon (X5R-332231418472) Krit's 'Twin' was successfully reconditioned and certified for field deployment, but no missions are listed, presumably he escaped when Max destroyed Manticore.

Dix -

Fixit (X6-809) - One of the escaped kids from the episode "Bag 'Em" - Logan and Max sent her along with the other kids in the party to Canada at the end of the episode, but they can show up again.

Gem - showed up in the final episode 'Freak Nation' She was accompanied by Dalton, and she was heavily pregnant, she gave birth to her baby during the seige at Jam Pony in the series finale.

Herbal Thought - Worked at JamPony Express until Normal fired him for smoking ganja (pot).

Jace (X5R-798) Was successfully reconditioned & certified for field deployment, required further disciplinary training, after which she was released on a mission to take out Dr. Adriana Vertes, a former Manticore employee who knew too much. However, Max stopped Jace from killing Dr. Vertes, and when she was captured it was discovered that Jace was pregnant - It was due to this pregnancy that Max managed to convince her long lost sib to escapeManticore, and run to Canada to have her baby.

Jewel (X5R-331450074657) - Was successfully reconditioned & certified for field deployment, then sent to Arizona for further specialised training, where she stayed until Manticore was destroyed, at which point she contacted Lydecker and told him she was thinking of going to Moscow, Russia.

* Jondy (X5-332340090210) - One of the original X5 escapees, Jondy is Max's sister, the one Max was closest to before the escape. After the escape, she bounced from city to city, trying to keep herself out of trouble and under the radar. Like Max, Jondy had been trying to reach her missing brothers and sisters until Zack found her and let her in on the contact number, only to cut her off once he found out she'd been using it to meet up with her missing family. After hearing about the goings-on with transgenics in Seattle and seeing her sister on the news, Jondy relocated to Seattle. A confident, sassy young girl, Jondy is not one who trusts easily, but once you're in her good graces she will stick by you til the end.

* Joshua - Helped Max escape from Manticore in the s2 episode 'Designate This' Max returned the favour when she set all the transgenics free.

Keema (X5R-331280315735) Brin's 'Twin' was successfully reconditioned and certified for field deployment, but no missions are listed, presumably she escaped when Max destroyed Manticore.

Kendra - Max's former roomie from season 1, last we heard of Kendra she was shacking up with the cop, Walter in the middle of s1 in the episode 'The Kids are Aiight'

Krit - (X5-332231418471)

* Logan Cale - (Eyes Only) You know who he is... *grin* okay, fine, when I've got more time I'll drop the word on Eyes Only.

Luke -

Lydecker -

Matt Sung - Matt is a rarity in Seattle, a clean cop. He's also an Eyes Only informant, and a good personal friend of Logan's.

* Max Guevara - (X5-332960073452) C'mon guys, you know who she is - okay okay, I'll add more info later, when I've got time to write a novella.

Mia - (designation unknown) Escaped when Manticore was destroyed, A Psy-Ops unit, her specialty is telecoecion. She produces pheremones which puts people into a highly suggestible state, and possibly also a pheremone with effects akin to truth serum. It appears that with repeated exposure to the pheremones, x-series can become at least partially immune to its effects.

Mole -

Mule -

* Original Cindy - Max's closest homegirl, OC is a human being with a heart of gold, a deeply perceptive person, OC knows the human heart, and usually some wisdom to drop should there be a need for it. Oh yeah, and she's a lesbian, so if you're one of the mens, don't even think about touching her, or she'll drop you, superhuman strength or no.

* Normal - The Manager of Jampony, Normal is the persnickety slavedriver boss that Max, OC, Sketchy, Alec and the rest of the Jam Pony crew have to answer to. Normal will be an NPC for reasons of practicality - He's rarely seen outside of Jam Pony, but in that in environment too many players will need to mod him.

Ralph - One of the escaped kids from the episode "Bag 'Em" - Logan and Max sent her along with the other kids in the party to Canada at the end of the episode, but they can show up again.

Sam - (X5R-332960073453) Max's 'Twin' was successfully reconditioned and certified for field deployment, then deployed in the field on a deep cover mission.

Sandeman - The mysterious 'Father' to Joshua, Sandeman founded Manticore We've never met him, but we can assume he's at least in his late 60's, probably older. Sandeman is the biological father to Ames White and his crazy brother CJ.

Sketchy - Max & OC's co-worker at JamPony Xpress, Sketchy is a lovable dweeb

Syl - (X5-331366001701)

Zack - (X5-330417291599)

Zane - (X5-332680074205)

Zero - One of the escaped kids from the episode "Bag 'Em" - Logan and Max sent her along with the other kids in the party to Canada at the end of the episode, but they can show up again.
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