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I will Fight, and I will Stand.

Forever Eyes. Dark. Somebody's Angel.
13 February
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This is a roleplay journal for use at abrokenworld and its related game communities. I do not own this character or the actor/actress in the icons, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Character Name: Max Guevera
Character Age: 20 (DOB: 24/07/2000)
Character Fandom: Dark Angel
IC Cell Phone: Go for Max!
Brief Character Description: Petite, curvacious, latino, with big dark eyes and brunette hair.
Link to More Detailed Description:
Special Character Powers/Abilities: Enhanced vision, hearing, agility, strength, and intelligence. Does well at Cat-Burglary and Ass-Kicking.
Brief Character History:
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They designed her to be the perfect soldier...
a human weapon... then she escaped.

I'm an early twenty-something, and for the past couple of years I've been a bike courier in Seattle, living in a block of partially finished apartments that were decomissioned when the pulse hit. In my spare time, I like to kick back with my homies at Crash, a local hang-out. I like pedicures, hot baths, cool music, and I love motorcycles.
Just another girl in post-pulse USA, right?

Well, not quite...

I also happen to be a government funded science experiment cooked up by some geneticists in a lab. They weaved some feline gene strands into my DNA sequence, and as a result I have several feline traits; enhanced eyesight, hearing, and agility among them. And all this so that they could create the perfect weapon. By the tender age of nine years old, I had already learned how to kill a man with my bare hands, in several ways. Then me and my sibs escaped and we got seperated...
That was over a decade ago now. I've been running, alone, ever since. I am so over running... and it's way past time for a family reunion.

In a future not far from now...
In a broken world...
She is haunted by her past.
She cannot run, she must fight...
To discover her destiny.

For more information on this fandom, I suggest the Dark Angel Fansite, Eyes Only

DISCLAIMER : I am in no way, shape, or form claiming to be Max Guevera / X5-452 from the TV show, "Dark Angel". I am merely using her as my muse for the roleplay / writing community. I am making no money off of the portrayal of said muse and I am neither her, nor Jessica Alba.